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In the competitive world, the entirety of the business sector is leaning on the pillar of payment gateway or payment processors. Because one of the prime reason behind every successful business is the payment collection process. But the payment collection brings an extra burden for your business. The process must be quick, easy and highly secure.


If you are selling any sort of products, services or commodities, charge your customers either one time or on a recurring basis and generate invoices, you should consider billing solution. If you are already using some billing solution, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Are your competitors going to market with new offerings faster than you?

  • Does your billing system constrain the services and pricing you can offer?

  • Is your view of customers fragmented?

  • Do your customers complain about the billing experience?

  • Have you ever encounter situation where you have charged the wrong amount?

If you answered "Yes" to one or more questions, you’re likely losing revenue.

Billing is the middleman between your customer’s accounts and your bottom line, therefore it is essential to have a billing solution that fits your business needs. It should be able to handle a large number of transactions while remaining easy to navigate both for you and your customers.


To be successful you must provide more offerings and better service so your customers continue to buy for longer periods of time. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, if you can’t quickly meet changing customer demands then you’re losing dollars, therefore you billing solution should also be flexible and easy to configure.

Main Billing Solution Capabilities:


Selecting a billing solution that supports your business needs should not be a challenge. At Clarity, we will build a secure, law compliant solution that will support different languages, and currencies and will be able to quickly adapt to any game-changing cases.

Don’t let your billing system hold you back. Learn how a modern monetization platform can convert existing assets into a reliable, recurring revenue stream.

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