Get ready for the digital subscription solutions economy.



SAP Billing subscription order management helps your business be as flexible as your customers require. It allows you to monetize subscriptions, usage, and revenue-sharing models while covering all aspects of subscription order management. This means you can improve customer retention, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and ultimately increase average revenue per customer.

Services sales requires modelling subscription products and  product bundles that would enable offering your solutions as a combination of products and subscriptions to services. As a part of subscription modelling process, it is important to consider different pricing options like recurring fees, usage-based charges, and one-off charges, based on consumption pricing model as long as the option of bundling with physical goods.

You can quickly design new subscription offers with the right mix of products, projects, recurring and one-time services, usage fees, entitlements, third-party content, and apps - all in one quote and one contract. Cross-catalog mapping makes it easier to manage complex contracts with bundled and mixed products and services. 

Order fulfilment must respond to the growth of subscription-based services. Customers need a visibility and access to purchased solution in any subscription or usage model. When customers sign a deal, purchase digital products or buy applications, they receive their entitlement - right to use the product or service. Application download access to the purchased content, cloud service provided for a number of users are typical examples of entitlements.


SAP Entitlement Management automates the process of managing user use rights, authorisations, licenses, access, and permissions for software, products, or services using tools specifically designed to ensure that sales reps and channel partners have a clear view of their customers' entitlements and never miss a renewal, cross-sell, or upsell opportunity while focusing on providing customers with full visibility into all their entitlements.


SAP Billing enables businesses to create usage-based services, packages, and split subscriptions in complex partner ecosystems. Your customers get the freedom to consume how they want.


With usage-based business models, you need to be able to handle many different pricing plans for many products and bundles. You also need to be able to pay partners exactly what they are owed. SAP Billing is designed for complex business models. It can handle any type of pricing or variables, as well as complex partner settlements. It processes millions of transactions per second, in real-time.


Businesses, where usage-based pricing makes up between 1-50% of total revenue, grew 28% year-over-year, or 1.5 times faster than businesses without usage-based pricing. Usage-based companies grow faster because they let customers choose how they use products and services. They make it easier for customers to try new products and lower the threshold for consumption.


To launch usage-based services, companies must connect all usage data, bind it to specific users, package it, and seamlessly add it to their billing systems. The Usage Data Platform automates this entire process.


Quote-to-Cash has moved out of the back office and become a strategic capability in the age of digitization. Automating the Quote-to-Cash process eliminates reliance on manual processes and prevents revenue leakage.


Many companies are immature in their Q2C process. They update Excel sheets by hand, which leads to errors, revenue leakage, excessive costs, and inflexibility. Manual processes put the company and its revenue at risk. By automating your Q2C process with our platform, you reduce your risk and ensure no revenue leakage. SAP Billing connects your financial systems, saving you money and giving you the flexibility to develop new business models.


Quote-to-Cash processes are often a complex mix of old and new systems, causing many transformation projects to stumble. With Usage Data Platform, you can simplify your processes and get the job done faster. At any point in your Quote-to-Cash process, there is a risk of revenue leakage due to data loss - especially with manual processes.


Our technology is built to ensure that no usage data is lost in the process. If at any point our platform detects data quality issues, the data is automatically routed to our Data Correction functionality. There, it can be automatically corrected through rules or manually reviewed. Once corrected, the data is returned to the flow at the same point where it was paused.



SAP Billing offers businesses a strategic way to quickly identify revenue opportunities and add new disruptive monetization models to capture niche or emerging market segments. Now you can go from selling things to customers to selling a personalized experience. With SAP Billing, you can create new subscription models offering the right mix of products and services to key markets, while delivering a multi-touchpoint experience.

CLARITY experienced consultants will guide you through the process of transitioning to the SAP Billing solution so that you can reduce time to market for new products, improve customer experience, send clearer, better invoices and bring a range of other functional changes. 

With SAP Billing, you will never have to worry about missing out on trend-related market opportunities or having to postpone a new product launch because your back-end systems cannot keep up. 

Our world-famous SAP Billing team will expertly advise you on the best solutions for your business and leverage the technology to achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for software that lets you bring packages of products, subscriptions, and usage services into a single quote, contract, and invoice, or you just want your organization to take advantage of the automated revenue management solutions, we will help you develop solutions that maximize your ROI.