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Today’s customer has a great deal of control over their buying journey. By the time a customer reaches out to a vendor they might be more than halfway thought their decision making. Sales representatives are surrounded by signals: from different customers, different systems, different solutions. SAP Sales Cloud allows sales reps to see the state of their business now. Visualize the data across all of the systems in a single complete view of customer history, activity and status.

Sell more and sell smarter

Get a complete understanding about your customers right at your fingertips, to see marketing campaigns they have engaged with, what content to send next.

Imagine to be guided by build-in intelligence and historical data that analyses and recommends what actions will close the deals faster.

Imagine automation that's truly automated.

Imagine SAP Sales Cloud. And give the sales representatives the experience they deserve, so they could give your customers the experience they demand.

Complex quotations in minutes, not days

Deliver results with an easy-to-use configuration process available across all devices and sales channels. Empower your sales team and partners to easily offer complex product configurations, optimized pricing, and great-looking proposals with the SAP CPQ solution.

Increase Speed and Accuracy

SAP CPQ is a SaaS solution that is accessible from any location, device, or time. Sales reps sell can respond faster eliminating errors and instantly generating proposals, and offering customer- and channel-specific pricing.

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Increase Efficiency

Increase cross- and up-selling opportunities, and optimize pricing while protecting margins. Automate sales processes to generate quotes faster, simplify approvals, shorten sales cycles, and free up sales staff.

SAP Sales Cloud: Overview

How we get started

  1. Discovery workshops with process owners

  2. MVP scope alignment

  3. MVP project plan definition

  4. Quote-To-Cash road map definition

  5. MVP implementation

  6. Road-map implementation

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