Sergey Jermakov | 27 December, 2023

Revolutionizing Quote-to-Cash: AI, Sustainability, and the Future of Industry

In this episode we talk about how AI is reshaping industries by enhancing efficiency, automating complex processes, and contributing to sustainability efforts. Our guests: Stefan Weisenberger, Global VP, Head of Industry Business Unit Process Industries & Natural Resources and Chelsea Ramage, Solution Manager, Industry Business Unit, Mill Products & Mining at SAP.
Karyna Mihalevich | 5 December, 2023

SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework to Align Business Goals with Technologies

In this episode we discuss about SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework - how it creates Solutions roadmap that addresses digital transformation needs and unlocks the secrets of aligning business goals with technology. Our guest: René de Daniel, Principal Enterprise Architect at SAP.
Karyna Mihalevich | 15 November, 2023

Transforming Sales with AI: Exploring SAP’s Intelligent Product Recommendation

In this episode we unveil the innovative SAP Intelligent Product Recommendation system, a game-changer in the sales domain, especially for complex products. Our guest: Matthias Hirsch, Product Manager in Customer Experience & Industries at SAP.
Karyna Mihalevich | 19 September, 2023

AI in Pricing: The Promise vs the Reality

In this episode we delve into the world of AI-driven pricing strategies and explore the dynamic interplay between clear box and black box approaches. Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of data-driven decision-making in the pricing landscape. Our guest: Edward Gonzalez from Pricefx.
Sergey Jermakov | 8 August, 2023

The Man Behind CPQ Podcast

In this episode, Frank Sohn, the man behind the CPQ Podcast, shares his journey and insights into the Configure, Price, Quote industry. Find out more about the evolution of CPQ systems, the challenges faced in CPQ adoption, and the future trends in the industry, including the role of AI in CPQ. Our guest: Frank Sohn, President & CEO of Novus CPQ Consulting Inc.
Karyna Mihalevich | 27 July, 2023

Process Mining & Digital Twins of Enterprise Processes

In this episode we discus the role of process mining in providing insights into business operations, the application of digital twins in process optimization, and the benefits of using tools like Signavio for process modeling. Our guest: Robert Thacker, Sr. Principal Consultant at SAP Signavio.
Sergey Jermakov | 14 May, 2023

Navigating CPQ in the Face of Evolving Customer Requirements

The discussion is about the challenges companies face in implementing CPQ systems to improve their sales processes and customer experiences. Our guest: Bill Butler, Global Solution Owner for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution at SAP.
Sergey Jermakov | 14 May, 2023

Are CPQ Solutions Ready to Lead the Future?

The rising demand for higher productivity in enterprises and businesses pushes the demand for CPQ software solutions. Are CPQ solutions ready to lead the future? Our guest is Milan Rajkovic, an Experienced CPQ leader with over 15 years of experience implementing CPQ solutions for enterprises across industries, VP of CPQ Solutions at SAP.
Sergey Jermakov | 30 December, 2022

From Selling Products to Subscription Services

Selling subscriptions is on top of agenda for many leaders. In this episode we talk about how to start selling subscription services and how to make this transition smooth and scalable. Guest: Boris Aljancic - Lead, SAP Subscription Billing Product Management.
Sergey Jermakov | 28 December, 2022

How are Changing Customer Expectations Impacting CRM Systems