The Future of Customization with SAP Variant Configuration – Precision Meets Efficiency

The SAP Variant Configuration (LO-VC/AVC) product is a sophisticated tool designed to manage and handle the complexity of customizable products.

Today the variant configuration process is critical to business almost everywhere: not only in enterprises, but in small and medium sized businesses as well. The SAP Variant Configuration (LO-VC/AVC) product is a sophisticated tool designed to manage and handle the complexity of customizable products. It goes beyond IT, involving areas such as supply chain management, product lifecycle management, and customer relationship management. The configurator is vital for businesses that need to manage numerous product variants efficiently.

Value Proposition

The primary purpose of SAP Variant Configurator is to allow businesses to provide highly customizable products tailored to individual customer requirements. It supports the entire value-added process, from sales configuration to production, ensuring that customers receive precisely the variant they ordered.

SAP Variant Configurator (LO-VC/AVC) is used to support logistical processes for multivariant products, integrating seamlessly with SAP ERP systems. It allows for precise product configuration without direct ERP access, making it valuable for both B2B and B2C applications. The configurator enables enterprises to manage a wide range of product variants efficiently, ensuring that customers can customize products to their specific needs.

Key Features

Advanced Variant Configuration (AVC) Features in SAP S/4 HANA:
Advanced Customization Capabilities
  • Customization in Key Areas: AVC supports customization across design, sales, and production for scenarios such as Make-to-Order (MTO), Make-to-Stock (MTS), Configure-to-Order (CTO), and Engineer-to-Stock (ETO).
  • Complex Product Management: Simplifies the handling of complex products with numerous variables, like different colors, models, and sizes.
Intuitive Configuration Interface
  • Updated "Configuration" Screen: Provides a user-friendly interface for quickly viewing and editing configuration features.
  • Quote/Offer Phase Integration: Allows configuration tasks to be performed during the quotation phase, improving the customer experience
Integrated Pricing and Sales
  • Automated Pricing Calculation: Calculates the sales price based on selected features, integrating smoothly with the order entry process.
  • Feature-based Pricing Simplification: Facilitates the process of defining and linking prices to specific product features
Enhanced Productivity and Revenue
  • Efficiency in Order Management: Increases productivity by streamlining order configuration tasks.
  • Improved Product Customization: Allows customers to configure and verify product compatibility and feasibility while estimating costs and lead times, thus growing revenue.
Sophisticated Configuration Engine
  • Leverages SAP HANA: Utilizes SAP HANA functionalities to enhance the performance and reliability of the configuration process.
  • Consistency through Confirmation: Ensures consistent product configurations with advanced confirmation functions
Classic Variant Configuration (LO-VC) Features:
Configurable Materials
  • Customizable Items: Supports the creation of items that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, enabling multiple variants or features.
BOM Management
  • Super Bill of Materials: Manages all necessary components for production, including those specific to variants and those used across all variants.
Management of Characteristics
  • Defining Material Features: Establishes key features for materials, with various options for characteristic values such as model, engine type, or color.
Class and Characteristics Assignment
  • Class Management: Uses classes to manage and maintain material characteristics, ensuring alignment with the class-wide characteristics.
Variant Tables
  • Storage of Combinations: Maintains different combinations of material characteristic values and manages dependencies among characteristics.
Handling Object Dependencies
  • Dependency Management: Defines interdependencies between characteristics and characteristic values, controls BOM component selection, and modifies value fields for BOM items.
  • Dependency Management: Defines interdependencies between characteristics and characteristic values, controls BOM component selection, and modifies value fields for BOM items.
Variant Conditions
  • Pricing Adjustments: Assigns surcharges or discounts to specific configurations of variants.
Material Variants Management
  • Stock Efficiency: Allows production and stocking of material variants without immediate sales orders, facilitating efficient manufacturing and delivery.
User-Defined Functions
  • Customization Modules: Enables users to utilize custom function modules to check and infer characteristic values, offering more configuration options.

Key Benefits

Who Benefits:
  • Manufacturers and Producers: Particularly in high-tech, automotive, and electronics industries, where product customization is key.

  • Sales and Distribution Teams: Optimize sales processes and enhance customer interaction by providing accurate and prompt quotations and configurations.

  • Engineering and Design Teams: Facilitate the translation of customer requirements into precise specifications, ensuring manufacturability and quality.


Automation of Recurring Processes

By automating repetitive tasks, SAP LO-VC/AVC reduces the need for manual intervention, thereby saving time and reducing errors.


Documentation of Expert Knowledge

It systematically records and documents expert knowledge, making it accessible and reducing reliance on individual experts.


Cost Reduction

Automation and optimization of product configurations lead to significant cost savings. This includes reduced lead times, minimized errors in quotations and orders, and lower complaint rates.

Increased Productivity

The tool enhances overall productivity by streamlining processes, shortening response times, and ensuring efficient order fulfillment.

Handling Product Variety and Complexity

SAP LO-VC/AVC allows companies to manage a high number of product variants without sacrificing quality or service standards.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By enabling individualized product configurations, the tool helps meet specific customer requirements, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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