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revenue increase in less than 6 months*

* based on client data

Only 50% of sales organizations believe they are keeping pace with changing demands and expectations of buyers*

* based on client data

Imagine this scenario: potential customers interact with your brand across multiple channels, but your sales team lacks the insights into these interactions. This lack of visibility makes it difficult for salespeople to tailor their approach and influence buying decisions.

SAP Sales Cloud bridges this gap by empowering your business users with a comprehensive suite of features. These features provide the essential sales automation functionalities and embedded intelligence you need to achieve superior business outcomes. React faster, close more deals, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Transform valuable insights into actionable strategies and empower your sales team to sell anytime, anywhere with SAP Sales Cloud.

Modern world changes

Adapting to Macroeconomic Disruption

The global economy is constantly evolving, and recent events like the pandemic and supply chain challenges have forced organizations to be more agile. Sales teams are often on the front lines of these changes, needing to adapt their strategies and tactics quickly to navigate the "new normal."

Business Model Transformation

Even before recent disruptions, many industries were undergoing significant shifts in how they generate revenue. The move from one-time sales to recurring revenue models, such as subscriptions, is a prime example. This trend has major implications for the entire sales process.

Generational Transformation

The rise of digital natives – Millennials and Gen Z – is a long-term trend that's fundamentally changing the workforce and customer base. These generations, accustomed to a hyper-connected world, expect a seamless, intuitive, and engaging experience in all aspects of their lives, including sales interactions.

Balancing Top-Line and Bottom-Line Growth

Historically, digital commerce focused heavily on driving customer acquisition through strategies that boosted sales figures (top-line growth) but often sacrificed profitability. Examples include lax return policies, free shipping, and rapid delivery – all convenient for customers but potentially detrimental to a company's bottom line. To achieve sustainable growth, commerce businesses need to find strategies that generate both sales and profit.

Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience

In the digital age, customer expectations are high. Research shows that only a small percentage of customers feel most brands deliver a truly "good experience" across all touchpoints. As customers interact with businesses through various channels and devices, sales organizations must prioritize a consistent and positive customer journey across the board.

Automation Roadmap Development

A strategic plan outlining the scope, timeframe, and milestones for your AI journey, complete with risk assessment and mitigation strategies.


Shapes sales behavior with embedded intelligence that provides contextual insight within the sales journey where sellers need them most

Guides sales actions with connected data that empowers tailored sales interactions to meet the unique needs of each buyer and stakeholder

Connects lead to cash processes at all levels, providing sellers with a seamless, guided selling experience that helps improve outcomes

Helps solve your industry specific challenges with composability and adaptabilityI

38% increase in sales rate* *based on client data

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