Accurate complex quotation in minutes with CPQ solution


of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was very difficult*

Gartner, B2B Buying Journey & its implication for sales

Consistent outcomes with a straightforward configuration process across all sales channels

Enhance the customer journey by enabling your sales force and partners to present detailed product configurations, competitive pricing, and attractive proposals using the SAP CPQ solution. Speed up the sales process by integrating SAP CPQ with your CRM, e-commerce, or ERP system.

Cloud-based deployment
Immediate configuration of intricate quotes
Versatile connectivity for sales across various channels and platforms
Efficient quoting powered by AI

Key benefits

Faster results

Speed is paramount to meeting customer expectations nowadays. Complex quotes can now be delivered almost instantaneously. Should a quote not meet a customer's needs, a new one can be swiftly produced.


Sales professionals spend up to almost 70% of their time to administrative tasks, such as quote generation.


Beyond quick turnaround times, customers are presented with precise quotes. Mistakes in quotes and configurations can lead to financial losses and potentially be the negative experience that drives a customer away.


For a $1 billion company, just a 1-2% margin increase annually can be worth millions


Customers and partners benefit from personalized pricing and catalogs designed exclusively for them. For sellers, the product incorporates AI to ensure ideal pricing for every quote and suggests opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.


Task automation frees up time to apply to developing deeper customer relationships.

Smart work

Enhance business intelligence to fully leverage sales opportunities, boost cross-selling and up-selling, fine-tune pricing strategies, and safeguard profit margins.


Only data-driven companies win.


Optimization of Configuration

Enable sales representatives to efficiently produce branded, error-free quotes that comply with company guidelines.

Simplify the process of configuring quotes, no matter the complexity, product dependencies, or the size of the quote.

Facilitate the creation of quotes exceeding 10,000 lines in mere seconds, supported by automated approval processes and exception handling workflows.

Margin Safeguarding and Growth

Ensure the profitability of each opportunity through precise control over product, customer, and channel pricing.

Prevent unauthorized discounting with strict rules for eligibility and safeguards designed to protect margins.

Enhance the value of deals by applying smart recommendations for up-selling, cross-selling, and pricing.

Effortless Integration

Boost operational effectiveness and reduce expenses by integrating quote-to-fulfillment workflows.

Enhance quoting efficiency using current variant configuration models and data from ERP systems.

Captivate customers and elevate sales by employing a cohesive data structure through connections with SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud.

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