Uncover Quote-to-Cash
with CLARITY team

In this podcast, the CLARITY team explores key best practices that are enabling businesses to achieve greater efficiency and better business outcomes.

In each episode we meet with thought leaders and share insights that help businesses to streamline quoting, pricing, and sales processes, monetize services with a subscription model, generate a recurring revenue stream, and drive XaaS transformation.

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Podcast Episodes

"Servitization: monetizing services"
Guest: Mike Curl,
SAP Advisory at Capgemini

"How are changing customer expectations impacting CRM systems"
Guest: John Heald, Global Vice President,
Customer Experience Core CRM at SAP

"Recent Innovations in Configure, Price, Quote"
Guest: Chris Weckler, Lead, Subscription Billing Product Manager at SAP

"How to Monetize Usage Data "
Guest: Lars Månsson, Lead Product Manager
at DigitalRoute

"From selling products to subscription services"
Guest: Boris Aljancic, Lead, Subscription Billing Product Manager at SAP

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