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Finding the best people for your company isn’t easy. With the war for talent raging on, recruitment processes get even more unpredictable. Despite the challenge, many businesses still hesitate to make up the staff shortage with external contractors — and this is where they are wrong.

Collaborating with someone outside your office doesn’t mean that you should end all your recruitment plans once and for all. Quite the contrary, hiring external contractors can help you focus on more urgent business and HR goals — and be beneficial in many other situations. To dispel prejudices about adding outside workers to your team, we’ve decided to look deeper into the matter. As a result, we found out the top five reasons to hire external contractors, so here they are.

Reason #1. Hiring an Experienced External Contractor Is Faster

It’s no secret that hiring senior-level specialists is particularly hard. Their number is scarce, and if you want to recruit a candidate that has experience in your niche, the odds become even lower.

Experienced external contractors, on the other hand, are more available for new projects and have all the necessary skills to succeed. You can collaborate with them on a more regular basis or use them as occasional consultants when the situation calls for it.

Reason #2. External Contractors Are More Objective

Business and personal goals should go separate ways, but the reality is that sometimes they get mixed up.

When it comes to making a difficult decision that can affect the entire project, internal employees struggle to stay objective. For instance, it can be challenging to let go of some idea, cut down the number of people involved, or admit that something goes wrong.

External contractors are more objective and the only thing they focus on is the project itself. They won’t hesitate to make hard decisions to ensure its long-term success. Since they don’t take part in office politics, they’re capable of delivering honest feedback about the project’s state and will ensure that it’s done by the deadline.

Reason #3. External Contractors Are More Proactive

Spotting project weak points is no small feat. Internal teams are often too entangled in their assignments to foresee possible negative outcomes. As a result, they tend to be reactive when handling projects, meaning they respond to something that has already happened instead of preventing it. This is often the case with project managers who can suffer from the so-called operational blindness.

External contractors have a brand-new lease on your business and, therefore, are more proactive. They can provide you with a fresh perspective, form several forecasts, and inform you about the consequences of each project route.

Reason #4. External Contractors Can Provide Your Team with New Knowledge

Having an expert outside your team is one of the best ways to foster a knowledge-sharing culture within your company.

If you hire an experienced external contractor and have him or she communicate with your team members, you’ll be able to strengthen your employees with valuable insights from the outside.

Reason #5. You Can Focus on What Really Matters

Have you noticed your time is running thin because you’re way too busy interviewing candidates?

That’s the problem with finding the best talent for your team. It’s extremely time-consuming and, to be honest, stressful. There are cases when a certain specialist is needed right away for the project to thrive, yet there are no qualified candidates on the horizon.

In this context, it’s much more reasonable to hire an external contractor to jump into the project right away. At the same time, you’re free to review the CVs of your potential full-time employees or focus on more crucial business objectives.

The Bottom Line

Hiring external contractors can significantly boost the success of your team, project, and business overall. By enlisting them to help your cause, you can acquire new expertise, meet all the deadlines, and deliver the best results possible.

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