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Metinvest Sales Transformation Journey with SAP CPQ

Yulian Andronichuk METINVEST 2_edited.png

Yulian Andronichuk 
Head of Global Sales
Transformation and CRM

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Sergey Jermakov
Senior Partner, Global Head of Sales


Wednesday September 28 at 3:05 PM CET

Stop at CLARITY booth to see SAP CPQ for Metals Demo and learn about all aspects of SAP CPQ project implementation in metals industry.

6 Reasons to use SAP CPQ
in Steel and Metals

Configure Price Quote for Steel and Metals Industry is a solution that helps manufacturers improve their business processes, efficiency and profitability. It provides a centralized, cloud-based platform for managing pricing, quoting, and contracts for steel and metals products.

Simplified Configuration

Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 12.24.52.png

  • standard/non-standard

  • capability check (universal product)

Dynamic Pricing

  • Price waterfall

  • Logistic costs

  • Currencies

  • Markets

  • Taxes

  • Margin health

  • Rebates

  • Price list management

  • Partner pricing management

5_Quote 1.PNG
5_Quote 1.PNG

Integration with Frontend

    • CRM systems: Our of the box integration with SFDC, MS Dynamics, SAP Sales Cloud and others

    • E-Commerce platforms

    • System access to partners and distributors for process harmonization (configuration/quoting capabilities for partners and distributors)

5_Quote 1.PNG
5_Quote 1.PNG

Integration with Variant Configurator

  • Material Master

  • Quote production planning systems

  • Credit limit check? (or it is pricing?)

5_Quote 1.PNG

Output Documents

  • Personalized automatic proposal preparation

  • Complex Excel specifications

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14_Send Email.PNG

Accelerate Sales with AI

AI-powered CPQ will accelerate incoming customer request processing and quote creation by 85% allowing your sales reps get more time to focus on customer related activities, rather than manually entering data from incoming documents to create a quote.