Strategic Goal

Extend and enrich our offering by collaborating across company and external partners to deliver services that continuously deliver value over time to our customers.

This will support greater market penetration and deliver new recurring revenues, supported by capabilities to make it possible


Customers can access a curated product selection through a subscription model, paying a personalized monthly fee. They have the flexibility to choose various products from the portfolio. At the end of each month, actual usage is compared to the monthly fee, allowing adjustments for notable variation.

Physical asset transactions are seamlessly recorded and connected to ON! Track, ensuring accuracy for services such as automated reordering. Customers pay the locker fee with potential reductions based Benefits on consumable Net Sales targets.


Gain a fair share of insert/consumables sales at large fleet customers through a simple & and convenient subscription service that can be added to the Fleet offering.

Close the gap in advanced consumable management offerings by expanding OT consumable management functionality.