Strategic Goal

Embrace digital disruption to transform global organizational processes.

Effectively manage and extract insights from the overwhelming volume of cloud, bigdata, and mobile technologies.

Develop a modern, scalable, and extendable platform to cater to diverse business models.


A comprehensive solution for Digital Asset Delivery encompassing both SaaS and DaaS:

Software Packages: Offering update packages for on-premises software and providing license keys for Vaisala’s software product.

SaaS/DaaS Solutions: Enabling the sale of access to SaaS applications, with customers choosing from various subscription options tailored to their need.

eTraining Content: Providing access to specific product training sessions and bundles, including a comprehensive training catalogue.


Efficient Billing Management: streamline the billing process for company’s.Š

Diverse range of products and services, ensuring accurate and timely invoicing for subscriptions.

Flexibility for Business Models: adapt to various customer needs and subscription models.

Global Scalability: centralized platform capable of handling exotic country requirements and diverse market demands, while also enabling cloud-based accessibility.